When we started, we sat down and listed out different things we wanted this company to be. At the end of the day, we realized that it all came down to one phrase:

Websites. Graphics. Simplified.

Aside from professional and quality work, the thing people want in any aspect of life is to have good experiences. They want to trust the people they choose to get the job done at a reasonable cost and time. They want to know that their project matters and they aren’t just another number. We believe that communication throughout a project is key. It forces accountability on both sides and creates a more effective, friendly and positive experience. We’ve heard too many negative stories:

“I needed to get my website done but my designer disappeared and won’t return my phone calls or emails…”

“There were extra charges at the end that I didn’t understand and they were rude when I questioned them about it…”

“I only got to talk to an assistant who didn’t seem to understand the work being done. Important parts weren’t being interpreted correctly when it would get passed on to whoever was actually working on it. It was frustrating and everything seemed to take longer than it should have…”

Sound familiar?

These are situations we want to avoid. We will be as open and available as possible and you’ll be communicating with the actual person doing the work. It doesn’t mean we’ll be perfect, nobody is, but it does mean that we’ll do our best to be. Eighty3 Design is a people first company and we believe that the way they are treated matters just as much as the work that’s done for them.